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Choosing an attorney is an important part of protecting yourself if you are charged with a crime. While experience is important, your lawyer should bring more to the table.

I am lawyer William A. Hodge. I treat my clients with the respect they deserve by being honest with them from Day One. There are no guarantees when it comes to the law, but I will make sure you know exactly what you are up against and exactly what I can do to help.


Your Freedom Is My Number One Concern

As your criminal defense attorney, my main priority will be to shield you from the worst penalties your charge may carry. In many situations, that means I am focused on protecting your freedom. Going to jail or prison — even for a short time — impacts your job, your family life and, of course, your freedom.

I serve clients in Spartanburg and throughout South Carolina with the following types of state and federal criminal charges:

DUI Charges

Even a first-time DUI can carry a jail sentence. I will work tirelessly to protect you.

Drug Crimes

I handle simple possession charges to more complex manufacturing and trafficking charges. I can help you challenge state or federal charges.

High School and College Offenses

Criminal charges threaten a student’s current and future opportunities. I will fight to protect them.

Traffic Tickets

A minor traffic violation can have negative effects on your life. I will seek to mitigate the effects.

 I have experience as a prosecutor, which means I know how your opponents think. I will use my knowledge and experience to protect your freedom, no matter what charges you are up against.

Although most of my practice is focused on criminal defense, I also represent victims of car accidents, slip-and-falls, and other types of personal injury. Visit my Personal Injury page to learn more.

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To begin discussing your case in a free initial consultation, call me at 864-580-8347 or get in touch with me online.

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