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Many DUI cases hinge on the results of breath and blood tests. These tests, however, are not always accurate. Through careful investigation, it is possible to challenge the results in an effort to minimize or eliminate the consequences you face.

I am criminal defense lawyer William A. Hodge. I have extensive experience challenging breath and blood tests for my clients in Spartanburg and throughout South Carolina. I know the tactics that prosecutors use because I have experience as a prosecutor. I will give you the honest, aggressive legal guidance you need.

Was Your Breath Test Machine Reliable?

Although police and prosecutors may lead you to believe otherwise, breath test machines can be faulty. Just because you blew over the legal limit of 0.08, does not mean you were under the influence. In order for a breath test to be considered accurate, the following must be true:

The machine was calibrated properly before you used it.

The machine had undergone semiannual maintenance.

The arresting police officer administered the test properly.

As your attorney, I will carefully review each of these factors. If any of them were handled incorrectly, the results may be deemed inaccurate and, therefore, inadmissible in court.

Protecting You From Faulty Blood Tests

Blood tests are generally more accurate than breath tests, but they can still be challenged. Because blood tests are conducted in labs by human beings, there is room for error. The nurse is responsible for drawing your blood a certain way. From there, the lab technicians must test the sample at a specific temperature using specific chemicals. As I review your blood test, I will be looking for any mistakes at any point in the process that could have caused an incorrect result.

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