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Being arrested for drunk driving is a frightening experience. If it’s your first time, you may wonder how the charges will impact your life. If you have been charged before, you may be worried about the potentially severe consequences you are facing. No matter what the details of your DUI charge are, I will confront them for you.

I am DUI attorney William A. Hodge, and I provide aggressive representation for people in Spartanburg, Lexington County, Kershaw County and throughout South Carolina who are facing DUI charges. I will focus on protecting you while you focus on living your life.

Taking An Honest Approach To All Aspects Of DUI

As your criminal defense lawyer, it is my goal to give you the best defense I can based on the reality of your situation. I have years of experience, including experience as a prosecutor. I know when certain defenses will work and when to employ alternative strategies. I will carefully review your case, explain your best options and aggressively pursue them. I handle all types of DUI charges, including:

First-time DUI

A first offense DUI can lead to jail time. It is my priority to protect you.

Second or Third DUI

If you have been charged with DUI in the past, the consequences may be more severe. I will seek to mitigate the penalties.

Felony Charges

A DUI becomes a felony when the incident causes bodily harm to another person. Working with a skilled DUI lawyer is crucial.

Challenging The Evidence Against You

A major part of fighting a DUI charge is challenging the evidence against you. As your attorney, I will carefully examine the traffic stop and your subsequent arrest, any blood or breath tests, and the field sobriety test to ensure your rights were not violated. If I find evidence of error, I will use it to bolster your case.

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