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Minor in possession charges can ruin your education and future prospects. In addition to the criminal penalties, you will have to face your school board, which will decide what type of punishment it will enforce. If the board decides to expel you, it could seriously hinder your chances of receiving a good education and obtaining a promising job in the future.

Let me help you get the best results possible and turn things around. As a Spartanburg minor in possession lawyer, I represent clients in South Carolina who are facing minor in possession charges. I am a former state prosecutor, so I have a wealth of knowledge in the criminal justice system, and I know the options available to you.

Underage Drinking

Most of the underage drinking cases I handle involve a college student having a beer at a nearby bar or house party. For first-time offenders, there are some options available to avoid conviction and keep these charges off the permanent record.

Let me help you defend against these charges, minimize the consequences and turn things around.

Minor In Possession Of Drugs

When a minor faces possession charges, a lot more people are involved than in adult court possession cases.


Just like in criminal court, I examine police reports and the relevant evidence to make sure your rights have not been violated.

Juvenile court system:

In many cases, the juvenile court system involves many more players than the adult system. This can include social workers, guardians and a number of different agencies providing rehabilitative resources for young people.

School boards and disciplinary boards:

In addition to the legal system, I represent clients before their school boards. In most minor in possession cases, school boards have been one-sided in favor of expulsion, and I can understand why. School boards and disciplinary boards are responsible for the safety of their students and the reputations of their schools. I can help you in negotiation with your school’s disciplinary board so you can make amends and finish your education.

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I offer free, no-obligation consultations. Even if you don’t end up hiring me, you can talk with me about your charges, your rights and options and the criminal justice process ahead of you. Call 864-580-8347 or contact me online to schedule your free initial consultation with an attorney.

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