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A conviction for larceny or theft can throw your college career — everything you have worked hard for — completely off track. You could face jail time and fines along with any penalties your school may choose to administer. Having a criminal record can severely limit your future opportunities, so it is important to work with a theft attorney who will fight for you.

I am criminal defense lawyer William A. Hodge. I have unique experience and a passion for protecting young people in the Spartanburg area who have found themselves in challenging situations. I am ready to fight for you.

Petty Larceny And Shoplifting

The most common theft charges among college students are petty larceny and shoplifting. The penalties you face typically depend on the value of whatever was stolen. If the value of the items that were allegedly stolen is $2,000 or less, you will likely be charged with a misdemeanor. Any amount above that becomes a felony.

Even if you are charged with misdemeanor shoplifting or petty larceny, the penalties may include jail time. As your lawyer, I will carefully review every aspect of your case, so I can help you understand what to expect. I will consider all the evidence against you and how compelling it is, including:

Whether police had probable cause to arrest you

Witness statements, including statements from store employees

Any video evidence from store surveillance cameras

The value of the items that were allegedly stolen

I have years of experience as a prosecutor, so I understand what you are up against. I know how prosecutors think, and I know how to interact with them. I will use my knowledge to seek the best outcome for you.

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