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A traffic ticket may not seem like much to worry about. Although one ticket may not create a major problem, it puts points on your license, moving you closer to losing your license or dealing with increased insurance rates.

I am defense lawyer William A. Hodge, and I have extensive experience successfully reducing or eliminating the negative effects of a traffic ticket. I assist people in the Spartanburg area as well as those who may be passing through.

Keeping Points Off Of Your License

In South Carolina, each traffic violation carries a certain number of points that will be attached to your driver’s license if you plead guilty. When you hit 12 points, the state will suspend your license. Points can add up quickly: One instance of speeding or reckless driving will add six points to your license.

As your attorney, I can help you seek an alternative means of settling the traffic violation ticket. As I review the details of your case, I will give you my honest opinion of how best to approach the ticket. In some cases, challenging it may be effective. In other situations, negotiating the ticket down to a violation that carries few points or agreeing to attend a traffic education program in exchange for a dismissal of the violation may be more realistic approaches.

Protecting Truck Drivers And Others Who Depend On Their Licenses

When you drive for a living, a traffic violation threatens your career. I will aggressively pursue a resolution that protects your license and your job. If you live in another state, I will go to court on your behalf to challenge the ticket.

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